About Us

In 1996, JICS Media (originally Japan Internet Communications Service Inc.) started off translating business documents and marketing materials into Japanese. We also began programming and localizing early web sites into Japanese in a time when HTML and Flash were coded by hand. We won first place in the Adobe Web Awards (Professional Division) and were interviewed on national TV. Some of our works have appeared in Wired Magazine (Japan), Nikkei BP (Japan) and other publications.

JICS Media is a pioneer in the internet industry, developing and managing multilingual online media, e-commerce and web/mobile sites to support sales, marketing and communications. We have played a key role in promoting cultural exchange and international business between Japan and other countries.

Presently, our main work involves building and managing Japanese web/mobile sites for home-based entrepreneurs to small and medium size businesses from around the world which are looking for a quick, low-risk and cost-effective solution to market and sell their products and services to Japanese consumers.

We are specialists in Japanese localization, translation, web programming, graphic design, print/digital media production, SEO and online marketing.

Japan represents a large market opportunity for many types of businesses such as tourism, retail, manufacturing, education and entertainment.

Contact us to set up your Japanese “e-Business” today.

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