QRickit QR Codes

QRickit is a web service developed to allow people to create QR (Quick Response) Codes, a square barcode invented in Japan. Mobile phone cameras can scan them to open a URL (i.e. mobile site, image, video, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or to capture contact info.

Top Music Japan

Top Music Japan ( is a Japanese language online music guide used by music fans and industry people throughout Japan to discover, follow and connect with indie artists/bands from around the world.

Japan Music Marketing provides online resources and articles to help foreign indie artists, bands, managers, and record labels promote and sell music in Japan.

The Big Egg

We were the first to use Flash technology to create web animations. Our animated short story “The Big Egg” won an award and was featured in several magazines. You can watch it online at

Candlelight Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

We built a Japanese website for Candlelight Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas to provide information about the chapel and its wedding packages geared to Japanese couples looking for a memorable and unique wedding experience. Businesses of all sizes and types can easily expand their market to Japan online.

Red Cross – Pray for Japan

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami to hit Japan in March of 2011, we were involved with the Red Cross “Pray for Japan” campaign to help raise funds for disaster victims. We designed posters and a website to raise awareness and to collect donations.

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